Voice & the Pen - A Songwriters

on 09/15/2023Voice & the Pen - Episode 20
Our guest on this episode has travelled across the state to be with us. Val Merza comes to us from Charlotte, NC by way of New Jersey to share her story through songs. Be sure to check out her first release, "This Is My 23" on all streaming services! Follow her on Instagram @valmerzamusic!
on 07/12/2023Voice & the Pen - Episode 19
Join us on our latest episode with Melissa Joiner and Chris Nelson! These two amazing musicians came to Wilmington from Myrtle Beach to talk about their songwriting and musical adventures in their lives of gigging! Join in for stories about Barcelona and becoming your own security at your shows!
on 07/11/2023Voice & the Pen - Episode 18
Joshua Starkey learned to play the guitar when he was around 14 years old. When he was 19, he started playing professionally just outside of a small town in Virginia, known as Altavista. In 2012, Joshua moved to Wilmington, NC and has been playing in the Port City for 11 years now. We got to catc
on 06/21/2023Voice & the Pen - Episode 16
Churchyard Ghost is a local Wilmington jazz/blues-inspired band made up of lead singer/guitarist Andrew Covil, lead guitarist Paul Glaser, and John Wolfe on drums. After hearing their music, it's clear they could be in a genre all their own with their unique style of writing. Covil says he likes t
on 06/20/2023Voice & the Pen - Episode 15
Jim Ashley has been playing music for most of his life. His latest full album release, "Poetry & Pickin'" came out in 2020 and is available on streaming services. During our chat with him we learned where his love for writing came from and how he turned his poetry into songs. His guitar playing i
Consumer Choice Center on 11/14/2023PRESENTING: Fun Police
LAUNCHING TOMORROW:Fun Police is an original podcast series produced by the Consumer Choice Center. We take a look at the perpetrators of neo-prohibitionism, the movement that attempts to ban "vices" such as vaping, smoking, drinking, gambling, and others. We host high-level guests to discuss the hi
Consumer Choice Center on 11/02/2023EP194: Evan Swarztrauber on the net neutrality rematch
Today we sit down with Evan Swarztrauber to anlayze the resurrection of the Title re-classification of Internet Service Providers, otherwise known as net neutrality.While net neutrality is an important principle, when weaponized by the FCC and the federal government, it could have disastrous consequ
Consumer Choice Center on 10/27/2023EP193: The Last Radio Hurrah
Our last program broadcast on radio!Join us for analysis on the Hamas-Israel war, the US House speaker, disclosure rules, the nonprofit charity and migration scams, and whether governments actually have the power to lower grocery prices.Broadcast on Consumer Choice Radio on October 28, 2023.Syndicat
Heard Tell on 11/14/2023Aliens, UAPs vs UFOs, AI, and Executive Orders, Oh My, w/guest Yael Ossowski
On this Heard Tell Good Talks, our guest is returning friend of the program and Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center Yaël Ossowski who hashes out aliens - or at least the new nomenclature of UAPs as opposed to UFOs - with a skeptical host Andrew, why the US government is doing some differen
Heard Tell on 11/10/2023Grown Folk Talk About Career Path, Finances, Retirement, Influencer Culture, Social Security, & more
On this Heard Tell Good Talks, our guest is John McCumber, who returns to Heard Tell to talk about the current discourse over financial planning, careers, and retirement from the POV of someone who did the "sell everything and move to Florida" thing after several successful careers. John not only wa
Heard Tell on 11/09/2023Reviewing GOP Presidential Debate, Micro Nuclear Reactors, Discussing Factions in Conservatism & more
Your Heard Tell Show for Thursday, November 9th, 2023 is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern our times by talking about the 3rd GOP presidential primary debate as host Andrew reviews the five candidates, what they said, how they behaved, watchin
Heard Tell on 11/08/2023Using '23 Elections to Prep for '24; SAFER Banking/Cannabis; DeSantis Boot Scootin' Politics & more
Your Heard Tell Show for Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern our times by talking about how we can use the 2023 election results - and more specifically the coverage there of - to calibrate our news media and soci
Heard Tell on 11/07/2023Biden's Poll Numbers; Aliens, AI, & Privacy, Oh My w/Yael Ossowski; Country Roads: German Version
Your Heard Tell Show for Monday, November 6th, 2023 is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern our times by taking about that Joe Biden poll that had the talking heads and chattering classes in overdrive, how to parse out what is/isn't a good poll,


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